The Innkeepers

Jerry and Carole Weber bought the 70-acre parcel, used for pasture by previous owners and located at the edge of Mountain View, in November of 1991 with their dream of starting a two-building luxury Bed and Breakfast.  Construction began with the dam for the lake in the summer of 1992 and, based on Jerry’s design, construction of the timber-framed carriage house commenced that November.

Carole and her mother opened Country Oaks for business in October 1993 with the three room Carriage House while Jerry remained in what is now known as Silicon Valley California working for Lockheed Missiles and Space Co. as a Missile Test Engineer.  Carole, an administrative assistant with Lockheed, chose early retirement so they could pursue their dream at the earliest possible time.

Three and a half years after they first opened their doors to guests, Jerry moved to Mountain View while switching to “part time” for Lockheed.  This arrangement with Lockheed allowed him to do some telecommuting but still required a substantial amount of travel usually for a week at a time.

Jerry retired from Lockheed in January of 2003 and has never looked back.  Their decision to change careers, with the early retirement benefits provided by their long service with Lockheed has allowed them to make this welcome transition out of the tremendously fast paced Silicon Valley techno world to a truly laid back country atmosphere.  Although Mountain View may seem slow paced to some, Carole and Jerry seem to have carried a certain amount of that California pace with them as you can seldom find them sitting still.

Dusty, having been saved by the local Humane Society and temporarily cared for by one of our Society’s foster homes, was destined to become the perfect “Inn Dog”.  She quickly adapted to the comfortable Country Oaks life.  She now greets guests when she hears the doorbell and has taken it upon herself to be “Official Trail Guide” for guests who walk our trails that cross the property.

The remaining member of the household is the resident cat, Goldie.  Although the guest rooms are off-limits, she is very adept at sneaking in when a door is left open.  Goldie also can be found vying for attention when guests check in and it is sometimes a challenge to see whether Dusty or Goldie first wins the “give me attention game.”

Carole and Jerry are now living their dream away from the stress and hectic pace of California.  Their children and grandchildren, although still living in California enjoy the chance to visit Grandma and Grandpa’s country retreat.  And, although we miss the children and grandchildren, with today’s mobile society, it is no longer a big thing to go cross-country to visit.  And, with the internet now a part of just about everyone’s lives, staying in touch is simple.

“They consider themselves fortunate to have chosen Innkeeping as a second career, Mountain View Arkansas for the Inn location, and the opportunity it lends to meet all the wonderful guests from all walks of life who’ve chosen to stay with us.  Many of their guests have visited so often they’ve become close friends.

Carole and Jerry welcome you to their website and hope you will choose to stay with them in the future.